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This website is made available online (web hosting in internet terminology)  by AbitMORE, using internet servers running on Linux (not windows ...).

Apart from hosting of websites (and its related eMail hosting), AbitMORE also offers solutions and services such as:

  • Buying (and installing/configuring) new PCs (laptops, desktops) and/or servers.
  • Optimization and/or maintenance of existing IT infrastructure in SMBs, e.g. to gently transition from outdated hard- and/or software to a more modern and more productive successor which typically leads to cost reductions (like power usage reduction and lower software license fees).
  • Transition from a set of (locally hosted) IT solutions to (secured) solutions residing "somewhere on the internet" (cloud computing), including (as a sample) the usage of Virtual Private Servers.
  • Installation and implementation of various open source softwares (which can be downloaded free of charge but which aren't obvious to get started with), including training and/or support for the users of these softwares.

More information about all this (and even AbitMORE ... oeps!) is available on the AbitMORE website.


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