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SearchIf you're looking for specific information within this website, you can use any of these options:

  • Use the Search this Site option (upper right) using one or more keyword(s) that are probably contained in the page(s) you're looking for. The search results will contain one or more website links, each of them including a few lines of text that are included at the beginning of that page.
  • Search for all pages containing a specific tag. Most pages have one or more tags shown at the bottom of each page. By clicking on such tag, you get an overview (in the format of search results) of all pages that have the same tag (together with a few lines of actual content in the beginning of that page). For example there are some pages with the tag <legal> (just click this link here to experiment with it and see what the result is ...).
  • Use the site map option (in the left column, within quicklinks). You'll get an overview of all available pages within this website (showing the title of each page). Use the CTRL-F keyboard combination on the sitemap to easily find pages with a title that matches your search.



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