SCM for SMBs

Software Change Management Within our internet division we use, for nearly a decade now, quite a few open source softwares, such as:

  • Bugzilla, used for issue tracking (bug, enhancement requests and service requests).
  • SugarCRM, used for typical CRM activities (leads, prospects, contacts, campaigns, etc).
  • ...

These softwares may be customized and/or they may require upgrades to new release and/or fixes. For that we use (open source) SCM software running on our servers (Subversion) combined with client software on our PCs (TortoiseSVN).For a few years now, we offer our Subversion solutions and know-how to SMBs also (such as SMBs in the area of software development), typically in the format of cloud services. Such solution may optionally be combined also with a Bugzilla based solution for issue tracking.Plans exist to also start offering a similar solution based on the Git version control system.


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