Company history

Company historyAbitMORE bvba is a privately held ICT-company, fairly young and fast growing. It was founded on Januari 30, 2000 as a joint venture between 3 companies:

One of the founding members was Pierre Vriens, acting as CEO since then also.

The management team has a solid experience in various ICT-environments, of over 25 years.

At the start, in 2000, and until the end of 2001, AbitMORE bvba's business was all about internet services and solutions. As such it was one, out of many, internet startup companies (but today is still inbusiness though ...). And using MAC based servers for web- and eMail hosting.

In 2002, a bit after the dot-com crisis in 2001, AbitMORE started offering ICT services and solutions to SMBs.

Starting from 2003, various flavours of SCM services and solutions were offered to corporate accounts.

In 2004, AbitMORE bvba started (huge) investements to replace the MAC based internet webservers by Linux based internet servers. This was also the time where, apart from Linux itself, the first open source applications (used for running the AbitMORE business) were introduced.

Since 2005, AbitMORE bvba became the worldwide distributor for AbitMORE SCM Reporting, a ChangeMan ZMF option to facilitate and simplify the creation of reports and/or graphs in  ChangeMan ZMF. It was showcased also at SERENA's global user conference in 2005 (Las Vegas), sponsored by AbitMORE (silver level).

In 2006, AbitMORE bvba also started the global distribution of AbitMORE SCM Commander, yet another ChangeMan ZMF option. Among other unique features, it includes all sorts of capabilities to address the pains and missing features in the vanilla version (as delivered by SERENA) of the XML services for ChangeMan ZMF. It was showcased also at SERENA's global user conference in 2006 (Washington), sponsored by AbitMORE (gold level).

2007 was the year that AbitMORE was the exclusive platinum sponsor of the SERENA global user conference in Chicago. Despite the fortune this sponsorship costed, it was a major milestone in AbitMORE's history! It was also the year that AbitMORE started its own Racing team! It was also the year that our total revenue (in EUROs ...) was expressed in 7 digits.

In 2008, AbitMORE bvba also started the global distribution of AbitMORE SCM for IDMS/ADSO, yet another ChangeMan ZMF option. It is a modern interface to ChangeMan ZMF, using XML services (replacing the outdated CMNAPI calls). Additionally, the internet services and solutions were restructured by moving the web design activities to In Petto bvba so that AbitMORE could concentrate more on the internet hosting part of it (where AbitMORE's roots are ...).

In 2009, AbitMORE bvba started the first steps in the area of cloud computing: the Linux based internet servers (located in the AbitMORE offices since 2004) were replaced by equivalent "Virtual Private Servers".

In 2010, AbitMORE bvba released the first version of the Dr Chgman website, which offers lots of high quality products, documentation, services and training for ChangeMan ZMF. These offerings reflect our many (over 100 ...) years of ChangeMan ZMF experience and are made available via self service (you do it) or outsourcing (you let us do it).

In 2011 AbitMORE was one of the main sponsors again of the SERENA global user conference in Las Vegas (organized by SERENA again, after 4 years of absense), and the only legacy sponsor since 2005.

In 2012 the SERENA global user conference (again in Las Vegas) was one of the major company milestones again.

So what do you think? Haven't we been busy the last decade or so? ... to be continued!


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